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Our professional team in Shanghai/Hong Kong office will work with you to tailor make your web site with a distinctive image. We are committed to serve you with a cutting edge web design service at a competitive price. During the process, our web designers will work closely with you to find out what kind of stuff should be put on your web site in order to build up a unique and effective web site.

We will conduct a briefing with you to identify your objective, understand your corporate guidelines and establish a framework for the project. At this point, we offer immediate suggestions and schedule on how the project should proceed.

Upon reviewing all the information gathered at the briefing followed by brainstorming with our team of experts, a project proposal will be presented to you promptly.

If your site requires designing, we will present several design images for you to choose. Pick the one you like best or combine various elements or ideas from several of these designs.

Next, we start the first stage of production and generate HTML pages for you. You will be able to see the progress of the web site on your own secure sample server. We suggest that you monitor it closely so that we may fulfill your objective and schedule.

When the first version is complete, you will have to approve it and request changes. We will accommodate accordingly until you are completely satisfied. Finally, the site is ready to launch. Right On Time, successfully and efficiently!

For more information, please visit Blue Design Limited.