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Network Design and Consultation Service

Our team delivers a complete range of tailored professional services, from supplementing in-house resources to providing a complete transition to next-generation networking. We have a team of certified professionals from various organisations to provide total solutions for the HK SMEs who wish to build up a company network and start their E-Business. We are specialist to provide services in the following areas:

Network Planning
- Consultation
- Feasibility Study
- Analysis
- Domain Structuring

Network Implementation
- Microsoft Windows NT
- Peer to Peer Network ( Windows 98, Windows 2000/XP)

Structure Network Cabling

- 100/1000BaseTX
- Fiber Optic
- Category 5/5e/6 (EIA/TIA 568 A/B)

Network Upgrade
- 10Base-T to 100Base-T Upgrade
- Hub to Ethernet Switch Upgrade
- NIC Upgrade
- Network Expansion

Repeater/Bridge/Router/Hub/Switch/Gateway Setup
- New node Cabling and Installation
- NIC Installation and Setup
- File Server Upgrade

Hardware Upgrade
- NOS Upgrade
- Server Hardware Upgrade

WAN design, planning and implementation
- Router Setup
- E-mail Solutions
- Web Solution

- Administrator Training
- User Training